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Petal Animal Clinic

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Training Service Steps

Basic Manners

Is your dog a puppy, a teenager, or a little older and needs help with manners?

We can help to personalize your dog's training plan based on your goals. Most of these goals consist of basic cues such as sit, down, leave it and others are taught in these sessions. We offer in-home coaching or day training packages for basic manners.

You can view the information in PDF format by downloading the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

How Does It Work?

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Behavioral Concerns Such as Fear, Anxiety and Reactivity

At times our dogs need a little extra help to cope from experiences that impact them emotionally. We can help with your concerns and goals to help improve your dog's daily life by developing a personalized training package.


  • initial consultation $150

  • in-home coaching packages starting at $525

  • day training packages starting at $600

  • family paws consultation available

*virtual sessions available to clients outside our 20-mile radius.


Initial Consultation $150

During the consultation, we will:

  • Get a detailed history

  • Discuss your goals for your dog

  • Provide management solutions for immediate relief

  • Provide a training with a personalized package plan for your dog

In-Home Coaching Packages $525

  • Available within a 20 miles radius of Animal Medical Center

  • Six sessions with the client present and focused for the training session

  • Pricing ranges between $525-925 based on the type of training needed (manners or behavioral concerns)

Virtual Sessions

  • If outside of our 20 miles radius training area, we do offer virtual sessions or sessions in the clinic at Animal Medical Center

  • Pricing is the same as listed

Day Training Packages

  • Bring your dog to Animal Medical Center to stay the day (or timeframe discussed in consultation)

  • Total of 8 sessions in two weeks of day training. 4 sessions each week (1 session each week is a transfer session to update the client on how to continue working on the training at home)

  • Price ranges between $600-1700 based on the type of training needed (manners or behavioral concerns)